, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing

La Cerdanya has much to offer and much to discover, that is why we encourage you to spend a few days of relaxa, disconnection and enjoyment, which will undoubtedly last in your memory.

Our Hotel in Puigcerdà, comfortable and modern, is in an unbeatable location, so from here you will be able discover ,not only the beautiful capital of the Cerdanya in a comfortable way but also it will be very practical as a starting point and resting place if what you want is discover the so-called Catalan Switzerland.

When we think about activities to doin La Cerdanya, most of the time we only consider ski as a sport option during the winter, but nothing is further from the truth. Its villages and mountains are the ideal place to enjoy sports, culture and relax. If your idea is to visit the Cerdanya, you will find here a bunch of things to do, it either alone, as a family or among friends.

Let’s review what options are available in this mountain paradise:



, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

  • El camí dels enamorats; If you want to walk and enjoy a relaxing day, we recommend you to discover this route that follows the old canal of Puigcerdà.
  • The Bell·lloc hermitage is worth a walk, write it down on your list.
  • Bena, a beautiful mountain village is awaits . Visit it and discover the towns of Ur and Brangolí along the way.


Snow rackets:

, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

If you want to enjoy the snow in a different way, we suggest you try the snow rackets. There are plenty of routes that have from La Molina as the starting point.

Please check this useful link with all the details if you are looking for something more organized: https://www.activitatscerdanya.com/cast/raquetas-de-nieve-en-la-molina/

If you prefer to go free you can rent your rackets and venture. In most ski stations you will find options to enjoy this activity.


Running and the Mountain Bike:

, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

Running is today a must do sport and those who practice it take their sneakers wherever they go. Are you one of them?

La Cerdanya is full of beautiful roads to discover and enjoy nature in all its splendor. Run next to streams, climb small mountains while listening to the gentle trilling of birds, enjoy the breathtaking views and breathe pure air.

You can also trace a route that allows you to discover the beautiful Romanesque villages and their churches, take the opportunity to do so, it will surprise you!

The truth is that there is much to see and either running or cycling, you will not regret it.


Hot Air Balloon rides:

, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

Flying over the Cerdanya is one of the most beautiful experiences you can imagine. During the flight you will appreciate the diversity and beauty of the landscape.

The majestic mountains will leave you speechless and you will enjoy every minute of the trip.

If you are lucky, you will see horses and other animals in the vast fields, under your feet. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the Cerdanya from the air, it is a unique experience!


Thermal baths: 

, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

You can not miss the thermal baths of Llo and Dorres, they will be the ideal ending for a day full of activity.

Thermal Baths of Llo: Those of Llo are located on the edge of the Gorges du Segre, near a sulphurous natural spring. These waters rich in sulfur and minerals, will provide an immediate sensation of relax. Your muscles will de thankful, and you will also feel your skin and hair revitalized.

Thermal Baths of Dorres:  From here you will have an impressive view of the summits of Puigmal while enjoying a relaxing bath. The relaxing and revitalizing waters come out at 41º, being the hottest waters in the country. Do not forget to enjoy this little pleasure and include it without fail in your agenda!


Snow Motorcycles

, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

Discover the experience of driving a snowmobile in the Pyrenees, you will live the adrenaline in its purest form.

A new adventure day begins with the snowmobile driving activity.It is an activity that takes place in the midst of nature covered with snow, entering the most beautiful corners of the mountains of the Pyrenees.

Discover your limits with this experience in the snow!


Dog sledding – MUSHING

, Activities in La Cerdanya apart from skiing, Hotel Terminus

If you like snow and dogs live the wonderful experience of Mushing, and feel as you walk in a sled pulled by dogs, typical of the Nordic countries. Whether in the mode of driving or driving, live an unforgettable experience by the Cerdanya.

Have fun in the snow with a ride in Mushing! Cerdanya is without doubt a destination full of surprises, both for travelers who are looking for lots activity and for those who enjoy peacefulness . Do not give it a second thought, just come, we are sure that in our Hotel Terminus in Puigcerdà you will feel at home.








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