, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus

Things to do and discover in Puigcerda

Puigcerda is undoubtedly a magical place where it is worth spending a few days.

The capital of the so-called Catalan Switzerland, offers us many beautiful spots to discover, and we are convinced that a good accommodation is crucial when you want to enjoy it to the fullest, so come and enjoy a few days at the Terminus Hotel.

Puigcerda is a beautiful town, from which you can get to know other places both in the Catalan and French side .

The town that is believed to have been founded by “Alfonso II el Casto” around the year 1177, offers a quiet and peaceful environment that invites you to take long and delightful strolls.

, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus


If you are going to come to Puigcerda, take good note of all the things you musn’t miss:

Puigcerda’s Lake:

This lake was built with the purpose of irrigating all Puigcerda lands. Nowadays it is undoubtedly a wonderful place to visit. You can come along at any time, with a book to read and relax, simply let your eyes indulge with the beautiful swans and ducks that inhabit in it or just come for walk, any excuse is good.

If you can come at sunrise or sunset since this natural mirror will reflect the most incredible colors.

, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus

The Bell Tower:

The tower dates from the SXII, and although the Church of Santa María began to be built following the guidelines of the Romanesque style, it was completed following the so-called Catalan Gothic. Today it is the only testimony of what was one of the most important constructions of Puigcerda, since the rest of the church was destroyed during the civil war.

Take the opportunity to climb to the top , from there you can enjoy wonderful views of the region, it’s worth it!

, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus

Casino “Ceretà”

This building now houses the theater-cinema and an exhibition hall along with others, for cultural use.

It is still closely linked to its cultural origins being a meeting place for artists and writers. Started following the guidelines of the neoclassical style, it was inaugurated in 1893 as an eclectic style building.

Unfortunately, it only enjoyed 10 years of fullness, as a fire destroyed it and a great restoration work was necessary .

We recommend you to discover it and take a walk around the inside, as it is a beautiful construction with elegant moldings and a beautiful lamp of  Valencian origin.

, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus

Puigcerda’s Fort:

Actualmente solo podemos encontrar restos de los antiguos muros de defensa y una parte de muralla.

Fue durante el reinado del rey Alfonso I que se construyeron las murallas para defender a un pueblo, que en aquel momento era sin duda de gran valor estratégico. Debido a ello, Puigcerda sufrió muchos asedios y fue ya en 1678 que cuando el duque de Noailles hizo demoler definitivamente estas fortificaciones.


Currently we can only find remnants of old defense walls.

It was during the reign of King Alfonso I that the walls were built to defend the town, which at that time was undoubtedly of great strategic value. Due to this, Puigcerda suffered many sieges. The fortifications were demolished in 1678 after the Duke of Noailles orders.


, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus


Apart from visiting and touring Puigcerdà, there is also a series of events that are worth taking into account , so do not miss them if you are in Puigcerdàat the time.

At Christmas, a giant “Pessebre”of singular beauty is arranged at the “Plaza Mayor” of the town.

, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus

In November and May there are two horse exhibitions. If you want to see competitions, exhibitions, etc., you are in the right place as there are contests for stallions, females, young horses … Note that all the horses are of the Hispano-Breton breed, a Catalan breed of great beauty.

, Things to do and discover in Puigcerda, Hotel Terminus

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy what is now considered one of the most important exhibitions in the Pyrenees.

Absolutely everything will be very within your reach if you decide to stay at the Terminus Hotel at Puigcerda.

You will be wonderfully in our relaxing rooms. Do not hesitate, we are sure that this will be the first time, but not the last , you decide to spend a few days of relax with us.

We are waiting for you!


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